7-in-10 martech adoptions were approved in less than 6 months

Marketers routinely replace marketing technologies, according to the most recent edition of the MarTech Replacement Survey.

And the decision to upgrade is made in a few short months. More than 70% of those replacing marketing software said the decision was approved in less than 6 months.

MT Replacement

Find them while they’re in-market

That means that marketers are always deciding to replace marketing software. In fact, 78% of those attending MarTech are in-market right now!

Reach them online March 19-20 at MarTech spring.

Marketing professionals will be attending MarTech to learn about the latest developments in AI, the potential impact on their resources, and find the best solutions to drive their business forward.

MarTech sponsors get:  

  • Targeted audience at scale: Over 6,500 marketers registered for our spring 2023 event, attendance up a whopping 31%. Nearly 80% said they were in-market for marketing software.
  • Guaranteed leads: Bank on qualified leads to fuel your sales efforts in Q2 and beyond. It’s your hedge against other programs not performing as expected. 
  • Branding & thought leadership:  Demonstrate your expertise and credibility by producing your own session at MarTech, which will be amplified on the conference agenda and promotions. 

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