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“We’ve sponsored MarTech now for several years across several different events. And each time, we’ve received a significant number of leads – and a great return in terms of value on what we’re spending.” Read more from Landon!

Landon Calannio   – Landon Calannio, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce  2560px Salesforce.com Logo.svg

“MarTech has excellent marketing opportunities for companies that need to scale their lead pipeline fast. They have a great portfolio of ‘solutions’ for every stage of the marketing/sales funnel.

MarTech’s #1 position as a thought leader in marketing technology was what made us partner with them. The quality of their content attracts the audience we want to work with. They understand how to amplify relevant resources to their new and existing audience, so they have a loyal base.

The team we worked with was patient when going over all their solutions, responsive when we had questions, and went above and beyond to ensure our campaigns were successful. We wouldn’t have made our quarterly MQL/SQL targets without them.”

Download 16   – Noelle Martin, Head of Digital Marketing, Glisser

“When sponsoring an event like MarTech, it’s critical that we hit that ‘sweet spot’ in terms of qualified leads — and we get that with Third Door Media. Plus, their whole team makes it so easy to stay on task and timeline. Thank you!”

Download 15   – Nina Butler, Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, Alyce

“Most companies that I’ve worked with don’t provide this level of detail in lead reporting. You rock, Third Door Media!”

Rhonda Use   – Rhonda DiGiorgio, Director of Event Marketing, Blueconic

“Many vendors out there claim they partner with you to help generate a solid sales pipeline, but not all deliver. Third Door Media does. Carolyn, Edna, and Cynthia have honestly been real partners to work with. Not only have they been able to give us suggestions on how I should optimize my programs, but they also help ideate what will work.

That transparency is so important in our business, especially with the many shiny new objects potential leads have. On the business side, I can confidently say our programs in 2022 have brought in at least six net new opportunities! That’s not saying the other opportunities from 2021.

Thanks for making me a hero!”

Download 13   – Glenn Munlawin, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Cloudinary

“We have seen success with both email and virtual events. The cost per lead is lower than other channels and the leads are of significantly better quality.”

1629737222464 1 Modified 300x300   – Drew Detzler, VP of Marketing, DemandJump

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