Pivot successfully, now.

Live to Virtual. Breathtaking results.

Successfully acquiring customers online is the only option available right now. And working with a trusted partner that knows how to get it done — and at scale — is the way to go.

With MarTech in San Jose cancelled, we created and executed a virtual edition in less than a month. Here are the results from last week’s Discover MarTech:

  • 8,263 registrants
  • 70% in-market for martech platforms and services
  • 12,903 leads delivered…and counting!

Need help pivoting to a digital-only virtual customer acquisition strategy? Here are a few actionable marketing channels you can implement immediately (even from your home office), to drive in-market leads and engagement from TDM’s digital marketing community at Marketing LandSearch Engine Land and MarTech Today.

Content Syndication: Your white paper is written and paid for, but not getting the attention it deserves on your site and social channels. The TDM audience of 1.5 million digital marketers is waiting to hear from you, and our Marketing Services pros can have you generating leads in two days and will be sending you leads in less than a week.

Webinars: Your speaker, our expertise and an audience eager to learn about your company’s services, products, solutions or best practices. Our content team will work with you to refine the topic and content for our audience and our multi-channel promotion will raise awareness, recruit qualified attendees and position you as a thought leader.

MarTech Intelligence Reports (MIR): Only people interested in buying download buyer’s guides, and for more than 10 years MarTech Intelligence Reports have been trusted resources for marketing technology buyers. Connect with in-market buyers by sponsoring an MIR in your category.

Want to learn more about how to get your marketing plan back on track for the rest of the year?

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