First-party data qualify every prospect

Nothing trumps information provided by prospects – first-party data – in helping sales teams focus their efforts.

Sponsors of MarTech (March 29-30) and Search Marketing Expo (June 14-15) virtual events get a myriad of first-party data indicators, all documenting actions participants took, with each lead.

Use these data to identify your hottest prospects:

Attended: Marketers who attended MarTech and SMX demonstrate more than a casual commitment. Each submitted 16 fields of information about themselves and their company, gave explicit permission to be contacted, and signed into the event.

Viewed a session you sponsored: Marketers who attended and watched a session you sponsored – either one you presented or an editorial session on a topic you selected – signal intent to buy your software or service.

Added sessions to “My Agenda”: Marketers who were interested in the topic of your session and added it to their event agenda also signal intent.

Downloaded assets from a session viewer console: All sessions are presented in the context of a “viewer console.” Each console includes a “Dig Deeper” section with links to assets (white papers, videos, infographics, the presentation slide deck, etc.) you provide. You’ll know which attendees downloaded your assets and which assets they selected.

Selected in-market categories that match categories you’ve selected: During registration, SMX and MarTech participants are asked if they are in-market for more than 20 software and service categories.

In addition to all the first-party intent data provided, you also get firmographics of attendees:

  • Company revenue
  • Sell to:
    • other businesses
    • consumers
    • both businesses and consumers equally
Martech Viewer Console

Lead volumes are guaranteed

All MarTech and Search Marketing Expo – SMX sponsorships include a guaranteed lead volume depending upon the amount invested. That takes the guesswork out of filling your prospect pipeline.

Connect with marketers hungry for marketing technology solutions and services. Contact your account executive now. Sponsorship inventory is limited.