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Since 1999, Salesforce, the San Francisco-based marketing technology goliath, has been making cloud-based software to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

When Salesforce needs to find more qualified prospects, they turn to Third Door Media’s MarTech.

Landon Calannio, Salesforce “We’ve sponsored MarTech now for several years across several different events,” says Landon Calannio, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce. “And each time, we’ve received a significant number of leads – and a great return in terms of value on what we’re spending.”

Of course, a lot has changed over the last few years – specifically the very definition of what it means to sponsor an industry event. Despite its evolution from an in-person to a digital experience, MarTech consistently delivers engaged attendees and down-the-funnel sales prospects.

Here’s how.

MarTech focuses on what matters most to attendees: Content.

Pivoting from in-person to digital meant reimagining sponsor and attendee experiences. Not everything that worked on-site would necessarily work online.

“With MarTech, you’re not trying to replicate the booth experience. You’ve figured out what it takes to really produce a strong virtual event, and honed in on the things that attendees want… not those that are not getting any visibility,” explains Landon. “So now, instead of wasting time, we can focus on what matters most: Content.”

MarTech offers Salesforce the opportunity to tell its story – and its clients’ stories – in compelling detail. And as a top-tier sponsor, Salesforce doesn’t have to choose just one story to tell…

Shining a light on client success

“It’s great that we have multiple sessions at MarTech,” says Landon. “That doesn’t always happen at other third-party events. This allows us to promote multiple products, reach different audiences, and feature different customers of ours and the great things they’re doing across various industries.”

Over the past two years, Salesforce has brought major brands to MarTech’s digital stage with sessions like “Lights, camera, personalization with Cinemark’s incredible customer experience,” “Optimizing Build-A-Bear’s digital experiences with marketing and commerce insights,” “How Sony Interactive Entertainment levels up their marketing data strategy”, and more.

“The ability to feature these customers is really critical,” explains Landon. “People want to hear from those using our products and who are actually in them on a day-to-day basis… versus the same old sales pitch.”

Consistently high session ratings support Landon’s conclusion.

MarTech delivers the sponsorship trifecta: Brand awareness, thought leadership, and in-market prospects

“Our main goals for sponsoring third-party events are brand awareness, thought-leadership, and lead generation,” says Landon.

Salesforce is universally known for its CRM software, but branding and thought leadership are useful as the company rolls out additional marketing and data intelligence software applications. “Having a strong presence at MarTech enables us to continue to convey our leadership in the marketing space, and sub-segments within that space as well,” says Landon. “You provide a really focused community of marketers and other technologists, which makes aligning with your brand a smart choice for us.”

Target audience, check. How about intent?

“The amount of people who come to MarTech to actually purchase – or learn more about a product so they can purchase – is substantial.” For Landon’s team, it makes all the difference when it comes time to follow up on leads. “These are senior-level marketers who are interested in hearing from us. That means we can turn a conversation into an actual deal.”

“You also have a large number of attendees,” says Landon. “A lot more than many other third-party events.” Marrying that quality with quantity means, as Landon puts it, “You have a strong audience for us to target.”

Quality leads. Strong ROI. Continued success.

“MarTech understands the value of providing the data that sponsors want,” says Landon. Who viewed your presentation, company size, and whether they’re in-market for your solution are just a few of the intent data signals MarTech furnishes each sponsor.

The volume of data-rich leads MarTech delivers, Landon explains, “enables Salesforce to engage with far more attendees” than other events. Simply put: “It’s much easier to prove ROI with MarTech because we’re getting a strong number of leads.” And MarTech makes it simple. “From start to finish, your team makes it really easy to be a sponsor – from working through deliverables to clearly explaining the final lead reports.”

It all adds up to MarTech being one of Salesforce’s highest-performing events. “We wouldn’t be sponsoring again and again if that weren’t the case,” says Landon.

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