Will the COVID vaccine rollout bring back in-person conferences?

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DEC. 14, 2020 — Nurse Sandra Lindsay is the first American to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, New York. (Courtesy: Northwell Health)

This week, the United States began the historic rollout of the first approved vaccine for COVID-19, giving the country and the rest of the world some long-overdue optimism that this grim pandemic will soon come to an end.

On a simply human level, the relief in a future where family gatherings and social congregation are possible without fear of catching this deadly disease is cause for celebration. For marketers and professionals, it means one day soon we will be able to gather at offices, off-sites, sales trips, conferences and trade shows.

Several times this year we have surveyed marketers on their comfort level for attending live events absent an effective COVID-19 vaccine and each time they have told us that they would largely skip out on travel and in-person professional gatherings. But, with what is sure to be a long-term vaccine rollout having begun, we thought it was time to gauge whether those opinions have changed.

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Businesses across the world that run conferences and trade shows for marketers have been upended by the pandemic. Through this recurring Events Participation Index survey, we hope to give those organizers actionable data to base decisions on whether to once again schedule their in-person shows.

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