Why marketers replace martech, the takeaways

Just in case you missed the “Why Marketers Replace Martech” webinar earlier this week, here are 5 key takeaways for solution providers:

  1. Homegrown martech is replaced at nearly the same rate as commercial apps. Don’t rely on your competitor’s customers as prospects.
  2. Many people are involved in the decision to upgrade… some outside of the marketing department.
  3. The decision to replace martech was approved in less than six months more than ¾ of the time.
  4. Sales organizations that don’t have relationships prior to when the decision to replace is made may not be considered. Branding and product marketing are integral to the sales effort.
  5. Winning business may be a direct result of how well your sales organization creates relationships with all the client-side constituencies, some of whom may not be in the “marketing department.”

These conclusions and more based on results of original research we recently conducted.

Want more? A recording of the webinar is here or you can download the full report.