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The MarTech Conference, MarTech Today and Marketing Land have been chronicling the impact of technology on marketing transformation for more than 10 years. It’s with that perspective that we even launched a bold new tagline for the conference in 2019 — MarTech is marketing — that emphasized that technology is integral to marketing.

Today, we are taking the next step. Combining Marketing Land and MarTech Today into a single content experience called MarTech, connecting the content, thought leadership and event-based education like never before.

At MarTech you will still find the empathetic journalism that audiences of MarTech Today and Marketing Land have long come to expect from editors including Kim Davis, Chris Wood, Carolyn Lyden, George Nguyen, Pamela Parker and more.

This launch also kicks off several new content partnerships with practitioners and commentators in marketing technology.

We’re honored that the thought leaders from Real Story Group will be contributing content weekly about marketing technology procurement.

And since laughter is the best medicine, MarTech will become home to The Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne’s hilarious and poignant comics on marketing and marketers.

Other partnerships are in the works, and we’ll be announcing them soon.

We also have banner research reports releasing this year, including updates to the MarTech Replacement Survey and MarTech Salary and Workforce Survey, a new report on data management by marketing organizations and a refreshed Email Marketing Periodic Table to give you a foundational tool for understanding email optimization and deliverability. We also will continue to release our trusted MarTech Intelligence Reports, with buyer’s guides on ABM, customer journey analytics and marketing work management all coming out in July.

With a connected brand for our digital content and our events content, the themes you learn about on our website will now flow directly into our shows. Many of the editors and contributors you see in our newsletter or article feeds will go even deeper into these topics as presenters or programmers at our conferences.

Overall, we have organized our content around six major topics: Transformation, data, operations, experience, performance and management. All of the content you see here will tie back to those areas, whether it is a feature story on fine-tuning your paid social media strategy, a news piece on new customer data platform capabilities, or a research report on the evolving role of marketing operations.

There is so much more to say about MarTech and our mission, and I encourage you to click here to read our full mission statement.

At MarTech we want marketers to succeed. Our voice is your voice. If you have any suggestions on how we can better live up to that mission, please send me a note at

Welcome to MarTech!

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