MarTech spring deadline is approaching

MarTech’s agenda debuts in just two weeks. Be included in the launch promotion and maximize your investment. Availability and time are running out to participate in the March 29-30 spring edition, themed The Customer Journey of a Lifetime.

Thousands of marketers are registered for MarTech, and many thousands more will register before the event takes place. They’ll explore new marketing technologies to drive better customer experiences, and ultimately, better results from their marketing efforts.

Here’s a snapshot profile of MarTech attendees:

  • 83% are in executive or marketing/marketing operations roles
  • They’re senior, nearly 80% are managers
  • 1-in-3 of their companies have annual revenue of $500 million+
  • 74% are purchase decision makers

All MarTech sponsors get a guaranteed number of qualified leads, the data needed to judge their intent, a thought leadership presentation and branding within the event. Join the hundreds of sponsors who’ve been satisfied with the deliverables from virtual editions of MarTech.

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