MarTech fall: Catching Up to Customers

Your future customers are shopping for solutions to catch up with their customers

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Let’s be honest. Most organizations aren’t keeping pace with customer expectations.

B2C and B2B customers are demanding they be treated like royalty people. Success depends on:

Here’s what the 7,000+ registrants told us about themselves:

  • Delighting them across marketing channels, devices and internal functions (product, marketing, sales, customer service)
  • Identifying them and acting appropriately based on their relationship with your brand
  • Orchestrating and personalizing their journeys
  • Messaging them with a single, authentic voice

Simple? Painless? Hardly. Table stakes for catching up in the customer experience race.

Innovations clamoring for evaluation keep coming. Platforms manage customer data, experiences, journeys and privacy, to name a few. Are they shiny objects best ignored? Or worthy of investment in mindshare and money?

Customer expectations are accelerating, and so are marketers’ efforts to deliver.

Demonstrate your thought leadership in delivering on customer expectations. And acquire guaranteed leads at scale from marketers shopping for your solution. Sponsor MarTech fall.

Here’s what the 7,000+ registrants told us about themselves:

  • 1 in 3 represented enterprise size companies
  • 43% held Director+ positions
  • 79% in-market for a MarTech solution

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