Be Like gShift: Save 50% on Exhibiting at SMX!

Our friends at gShift earned a 50% discount on their next SMX booth by participating in our Cash Back program. You can too! Keep reading to learn how.

The SMX Cash Back program rewards participating exhibitors and sponsors for selling conference tickets. The way we figure it, the more people who attend SMX conferences the better it is for everyone.  And our exhibitors and sponsors can reach people who would benefit from attending SMX.

The program is simple. You earn 15% of the value of each conference ticket sold toward exhibiting at a future SMX conference. In round numbers, selling just four All Access tickets will earn $1000 in Cash Back! You exhibit free by selling just 24 tickets!

Your customers and prospects win too. They get a discount on their conference ticket from your company.

gShift used blog posts, press releases, and social media to share their code with customers and prospects.  gShift was also able to amplify the release of their new getSEOLeads tool through their channels, as well as proactively coordinating with the SMX marketing team. Together the teams were able to generate content related to gShift’s participation in the conference, and spread the word through numerous social media channels for increased exposure.

“We always enjoy the intelligent conversations we have with SMX attendees, which is why we already reserved our booths for the 2014 SMX events,” said Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder & CEO of gShift. “It was a pleasant surprise when we found out that we received 50% Cash Back on our next show. It was as simple as sharing the discount code with our online community.”

All SMX exhibitors and sponsors are eligible to participate in the Cash Back program. SMX West is right around the corner, March 11-13 in San Jose, CA. Contact us to learn more about exhibiting and the Cash Back program.

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