Help Wanted: We’re Hiring An Editor For MarTech Today

Third Door Media is currently looking for a seasoned storyteller to cover how marketing technology is changing what it means to be a marketer as editor and chief content creator for MarTech Today.

What you will do

As editor of MarTech Today, your main responsibility is to create a range of journalistic content for the brand. That includes:

  • Well-reported features
  • Guides
  • Profiles
  • Enterprising news articles
  • Daily newsletters
  • Moderated video panels
  • Conference presentations (live or virtual)
  • Collections and packages
  • Content promoting editorial projects

What you won’t do

MarTech Today’s purpose is to create deeply informative and educational content that helps our audience succeed. That means you won’t be spending your days rewriting press release and newswire content. 

Who we serve

MarTech Today is focused on informing, supporting, elevating and convening marketing technologists through best-in-class content and experiences. Marketing technologists wear many hats, from the digital marketers leveraging automation and content management applications to deliver campaigns, the marketing operations pros who orchestrate those systems for their organization, the data analysts who measure effectiveness, and the citizen developers who create new applications by leveraging software, apps and other no-code solutions. Learn more about them here.

Who we are looking for

While past experience covering these topics for a news or content marketing department is a plus, we know that any hard-charging reporter who knows the craft can learn a new beat, so it’s not a prerequisite. Instead, the perfect candidate is someone who:

  • Is endlessly curious
  • Empathizes with our audience’s problems
  • Is a strong writer who holds the clarity and impact of a piece above flowery language, Oxford commas and whether it follows AP style, etc.
  • Knows how to cultivate sources
  • Is confident on stage or leading a video-based discussion
  • Has 3-5 years experience at a digital news outfit, newspaper, B2B media brand or in-house content marketing shop
  • BONUS: Experience with creating content beyond text: Video, Data viz, Infographic, etc.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Forever work-from-home

Note: At this time, Third Door Media does not offer health insurance. We will, however, consider what a candidate expects to pay for a public exchange plan in any offers.

If you are interested, please email resume and clips to Henry Powderly, VP of Content, at

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