B2B Tech CMOs Share Marketing Land Most

The team here at Third Door Media appreciates data-driven marketing insights more than most. That’s not surprising given the number of studies and white papers we evaluate daily in producing Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. So we were thrilled when a post on Forbes put both sites on a list of publications most-shared by tech CMOs on Twitter.

Leadtail, a B2B social media agency, analyzed thousands of tweets by B2B technology CMOs. Marketing Land ranked first among publications shared. Search Engine Land ranked #20. Check out the full article from Forbes: B2B Tech CMOs: What’s On Their Mind, What Are They Reading And Who Influences Them?  (Note: It’s a 2-page article!)

B2B Tech CMOs share

Leadtail also ranked the individuals who influenced B2B tech CMOs most. Our friend, colleague and MarTech conference chair Scott Brinker was second in that ranking. Scott’s blog,, ranked 11th in sites most shared.

Thanks to our edit team for creating content that CMOs deem worth sharing. And thanks for the recognition from Leadtail, Forbes and author Kimberly A. Whitler!