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Introducing TDM’s Native Advertising Content Marketing Program

My old friend Patrick Quinn at PQmedia just published this report concluding that content marketing revenue will exceed $30 billion this year. That’s incredible growth in the last few years. Best of all, PQ predicts the robust growth will continue.

Still, many content marketing efforts aren’t living up to their potential. Distribution is limited to your “house” lists: e-mail address, social followers and site visitors who you can retarget. It’s the digital equivalent of a tree falling in the forest.


Many marketers realize that content created but not consumed is a waste: 86% say that leveraging the investment in content is a high priority. However, only 1-in-4 invests in content amplification now while half say they need to invest more.

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The Solution: TDM’s Native Advertising Content Marketing Program

We created the Native Advertising Content Marketing Program for marketers investing in content creation, but not getting the value they should because distribution is limited to “house” lists.

Here’s how it all works:

  • You provide us with content you want amplified, along with supporting graphics, company logo and description.
  • We review the content and add appropriate disclosure. Then we set a publication date and the fun begins!

Your article appears on both MarketingLand and SearchEngineLand in the same way that editorial pieces appear. Your content is published to full-text article pages on both sites, along with abstracts on several other pages including the home page of each site and channel pages. Here’s what the post looks like:

native ad esa2

And the amplification doesn’t stop there. Just like other articles we publish, abstracts appear in the daily newsletters for both MarketingLand and SearchEngineLand. In addition, posts go out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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The Kicker: Guaranteed Engagements & Reporting

So none of this matters if you don’t get results from the program, and we’re guaranteeing them. You’ll pay just $10 per view of your content up to 500 views. Have great content that gets more than 500 views? You pay nothing for that additional distribution.

In addition, we’ll provide reporting on your program after one week and 30 days after publication reporting on page views, time on page and other key metrics associated with your program.

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