10,000+ marketers. Your prospects. SMX Advanced.

A couple weeks back, Leslie explained the SMX Advanced value proposition: guaranteed leads along with the actionable data on their purchase intentions, and the opportunity to tell your story directly to the search marketing community.

Who’s coming is the other part of the value proposition for sponsoring SMX, June 14-15.

SMX will be Big!

We’re expecting more than 10,000 people to register for SMX Advanced based on attendance from previous full-scale virtual editions of SMX. That’s 10,000 opportunities to connect and find your next customer.

Providing access to a quality search marketing programming, while eliminating the expense of tickets, travel and T&E, and the convenience of participating on one’s own schedule has made virtual events a compelling value proposition. Despite predictions to the contrary, interest in virtual learning experiences has not waned significantly since the start of the pandemic.

Who’s coming…

Smxa22 Image

The search marketing community will convene at SMX. SEOs and PPC professionals (73%/64%), marketers from brands and agencies (60%/40%), nearly 50% from companies with more than $25 million in sales annually, 84% with 2 or more years experience.

And best of all, they have purchase authority and are in-market for marketing solutions and services: PPC media, SEO software, analytics solutions, agency services, link building, social media tools, and marketing automation solutions.

Fill your sales pipeline with in-market leads who have purchase authority and are actively evaluating solutions and services right now. Contact us or reach out to your SMX representative.

We look forward to hearing from you!