Third Door Media Advertising Network

Marketing Land
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Roundtable

3 respected sites, 1.4 million internet marketers, 90% purchase decision makers… it’s the Third Door Media Advertising Network!

Marketing Land. Search Engine Land. Search Engine Roundtable. Three sites professional internet marketers rely on for news, analysis and tutorials. And provide resources to keep them current and make better purchase decisions.

90% of Readers Are Purchase Decision Makers

Media They Buy…
Social Media 66%
Display 64%
Paid Search 63%
Mobile/Tablet 46%
Lead Gen 40%
Local 37%
Video/pre-roll 26%
Native 14%
Software & Services They Buy…
Analytics 70%
SEO Software 65%
Paid Media Management 61%
Content Creation 46%
E-Mail Solutions 41%
Agency Services 37%
Marketing Automation 30%
e-Commerce Solutions 26%
Comp. intel/research 23%

Comprehensive Reach

Engage future customers while they are participating in professional development and receptive to learning about new product and service solutions.

The Third Door Media Advertising Network has the reach to get your message in front of prospects whether they are conducting research on the web, following the news on social networks or via RSS feeds, or reading one of our many e-mail newsletters in their inbox.

Creative Options

Leaderboards and Cubes…

Above-the-fold and in-content placements for outstanding results.

Welcome ads…

High impact page takeovers deliver maximum branding impact and response.

Content Integration Units…

In-context messages that provide engagement, branding and social sharing.

Native Advertising Content Marketing Program…

Amplify your brand and thought leadership by partnering with the most influential and relevant publishing platform for marketers to promote your content. Learn more.

New: Enhanced Targeting

Run of network: Most efficient way to reach internet marketers at scale.

Run of site: Deliver your message to the site that best fits your target market.

Run of Channel: Target Your Message By Topic.

  • Analytics
  • Display
  • Industry
  • Mobile
  • SEM
  • Social
  • Video
  • Content
  • E-mail
  • Local
  • Retail
  • SEO
  • Strategy

Display Rates & Specs

Creative 300×250 728×90 CIUs Welcome Ad
Targeting/CPM Rate
Run of Network
Run of Site
Run of Channel
Run of Network
Run of Site
Run of Channel
Run of Network
Run of Site
Run of Channel

Run of Network
Run of Site
Run of Channel
Summary Specs. Dimensions: 300×250
Max file size: 40KB
Looping limited to 3
Dimensions: 728×90
Max file size: 40KB
Looping limited to 3
Copy: Up to 300
characters including
Logo: GIF or JPEG
Dimensions: 640×480
Max file size: 80KB
Video: Permited
Audio: User initiated only
Run of Network: All site and channel newsletters listed below. $4000 per week (daily distribution)
Site Newsletters: Marketing Day $750, SearchCap $2500 per week (daily distribution)
Channel Newsletters: Analytics, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, Industry, News, Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Strategy, Video Marketing. Rates vary (weekly distribution)
Specs: 300×250 and 728×90 banners. GIF or JPEG. Maximum file size 40KB each.