Third Door Media Speaker Release Agreement

Third Door Media Speaker Release Agreement

By agreeing to speak or participate in a Third Door Media event (Search Marketing Expo – SMX, MarTech, SocialPro, Digital Marketing Depot or others), you agree that:

  • TDM has the right to record your presentation in audio and video formats and make use of those recordings, or transcripts of your presentation, for promotional or commercial purposes.
  • TDM has the right to make available slides and supporting materials from your presentations to attendees of its conferences and webinars, such as by offering the material for download, via printed handouts, through online replays or other formats.
  • This agreement also grants TDM the right to use your name, voice, image and biography to promote its events.

The rights above are granted on a non-exclusive, worldwide basis. By non-exclusive, this means that you retain the rights to your material to make use for your own purposes, as you see fit.

If you object to any of the above granted rights, you must contact your session coordinator or TDM contact. TDM will accommodate reasonable requests. The intent of this agreement is not to limit your rights but to protect the intellectual property rights that TDM must secure.

You warrant that your presentation and any other material you submit are original with you, that their publication will not infringe on the rights of others, and that you have full power to grant this license.

Should your presentation or other materials require permission from another for use by TDM, you agree to obtain that permission from the copyright proprietor consistent with this Agreement.

TDM is not obliged to publish your presentation or other materials.